HeartCake is born under the impulsion of Baptiste Frelat and Benoît Villemont, both elctronic-music producers while they were reaching their 18th birthday in 2010.

Considering the Label as a perfect springboard in the French Touch 2.0 era. The first releases can be seen now as some first attempts in the Filtred House style led by artists such as Straccia Stellar, Alvin Baxter, Roman d'Amour and available in free download to boost the sharing and distribution.

The birth of a community and its fast evolution led to the online pollination of our music until it reached the decisive ears of Parisian producer Lifelike, a decisive encounter in the label history. He remixed and re-released Roman d'Amour's single 'Make Love Tonight' on his own label Computer Science in 2011, and allowed it to be playlisted by an international community of Djs, from London to Miami.

In 2012, HeartCake took another dimension and the released are more frequent and largely distributed online. Home baked, the HeartCake built itself a brand new identity and a new management to go higher.